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Why 20FIT:
  • 100% personalised experience
  • 20 minutes per week
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Tone and sculpt your body
Your Complete 
Health & Fitness Solution
Most of our members are busy professionals. Women just like you. 
They either are to busy to go to the gym, or don't enjoy the gym environment. 
Imagine getting all your strength training for the week out of the way in just 20 minutes.
What's the science behind 20FIT?
20Fit combines Personal Training with full body Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

In combination with slow controlled movements the EMS is able to reach the deep tissue muscle resulting in much more efficient strength workout. 

EMS is backed by 15 years of clinical trials and is now the preferred style of training for many celebrities.  

20 minutes once a week is enough to get phenomenal results and the average person sees visible results from 6-12 sessions.
To busy to go to the gym?
20Fit Personal Training is the complete Health & Fitness solution. 20FIT run monthly challenges and provide Nutritional coaching.
Tailored for the time poor to get real sustainable results. 
20FIT will give you all the hacks and tricks. In combination with a well balanced diet, body fat is shredded, endurance improves and muscles strengthen. Leaving you with a sculpted, toned body and pure inner strength
Tailored To You
First things first, 20FIT Personal Trainers will spend time understanding your goals and what's important to you. 

If you've had an injury we will work around it. If you have back issues or sore joints the exercises will be adjusted.

Or if you have a specific part of the body thats a focus area, we'll make sure that area gets targeted! 

The beauty of EMS training is that you don't need a fitness level and its low impact on the body meaning its good for a variety of people!
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